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Lavdim Terziu
Besard Belegu


This study aims to analyze whether the 2021 local elections in Kosovo can be classified as first-order elections based on sufficient evidence. Employing a quantitative approach and utilizing surveys among eligible voters, the methodology allowed for observing indicators supporting the local elections’ classification as first-order. An empirical study was conducted using Google Forms, encompassing the entire region of Kosovo and involving a representative sample of respondents (n=596). The study also relies on data from the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). The research design employed a comparison approach and a deductive method. The study’s key findings reveal that despite the diverse practices and ideologies of developed countries, the most recent local elections in Kosovo should be recognized as first-order elections. 


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Terziu, Lavdim, and Besard Belegu. 2023. “UNDERSTANDING VOTER BEHAVIOR AND ELECTION DYNAMICS: A CASE STUDY OF THE 2021 LOCAL ELECTIONS IN KOSOVO”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 9 (2):350-68. https://doi.org/10.47305/JLIA2392450t.
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Lavdim Terziu, AAB College - Pristina, Kosovo

Lavdim Terziu is an Assistant Professor at AAB College in Kosovo. He worked as a vice-principal at American Academy in Kosovo. He completed his PhD studies at the South East European University in Macedonia in the field of public governance and administration. Lavdim is an author of scientific papers and has participated in national and international conferences, contributing thoughts and reflections on administration, leadership, management, education policies, and the performance of organizations.

Besard Belegu, AAB College - Pristina, Kosovo

He is Assistant Professor in Law Faculty and Public Administration Faculty at AAB College, He is currently a Lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration Faculty at AAB College, he holds the title Assistant Professor in the Constitutional-Administrative field. He completed his pre-university education in Pristina, his basic studies at the Faculty of Law, as well as his Master studies at the Faculty of Law, in “Constitutional and administrative law” LL.M. He completed his doctoral studies in the field of Public Administration and Governance, Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences. He started working as an Assistant in Constitutional Administrative Courses at the Faculty of Law at AAB College in 2010 until 2014, where she earned the academic degree of Lecturer.From 2012 to 2014, he exercises the function of Coordinator of General Legal Direction and Public Administration in the branch of AAB College in Gjakova.From 2014 to 2018, he exercises the function of Coordinator for practical work and Mentoring of students at AAB College, in Pristina.He has participated in several conferences, has also published several papers as Author and co-author in the field of Administrative and Constitutional.He has participated in several projects and trainings organized by the College of national and international character.