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Victoriia Rohalska
Oksana Bronevytska
Gediminas Buciunas


The importance of legal regulation of extradition in the system of legal aid in criminal proceedings is determined both by the national interests of states and the interests of international cooperation in combating transnational and international crimes. The objective of this paper was to get the answer to the main question of this research - Did the provisions of the law on extradition in Ukraine meet international standards? A set of general and special scientific, and philosophical methods of scientific research were used while preparing this article, to clarify the approaches to the extradition procedure of different countries and in practice. The results of the research suggested that the current criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of extradition generally meets European standards. Although, there are some gaps in the national legal regulation of extradition that may adversely affect the observance of the rights and freedoms of persons to whom it is applied.


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Rohalska, V., Bronevytska, O. ., & Buciunas, G. . (2022). EXTRADITION IN THE CRIMINAL PROCEDURAL LEGISLATION OF UKRAINE: COMPLIANCE WITH THE EUROPEAN STANDARDS. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 8(1), 138-152. https://doi.org/10.47305/JLIA2281138r
Author Biographies

Victoriia Rohalska, Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine

Graduated from the Law faculty of the Law Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2005. Defended PhD thesis on 'Competitiveness on the stage of preliminary investigation (based on case files of investigative bodies on police)' in 2012 at Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs . Today, I’m in the final stage of completing my doctoral thesis on ‘Theoretical grounds of realization of a right to a fair trial in criminal proceedings’.

Oksana Bronevytska, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs - Lviv, Ukraine

Graduated from Law faculty of Lviv Ivan Franko National University in 2006. Defended PhD thesis on “Correspondence of criminal legislation of Ukraine to valid international treaties”in 2011 at Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. Since 2017 – work as a defense lawyer and legal advisor in law firm. Assoc. prof.of the department of criminal legal studies in Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. I’m currently an expert in providing of “Investigative interview Initiative” and “Custody Records system” into the practice of national law enforcement in cooperation with International Fund Renaissance. I’ve been teaching the discipline “Criminal Procedure” and “Criminal Law” at the University for more than 10 years. Recently I have introduced my Master’s Degree Course “International Criminal Law”. I have written a considerable number of scientific papers (more than 70) devoted to the work of law enforcement agencies, international cooperation of the prosecutor's office during the criminal proceedings, the functions of the prosecutor's office, corpus delicti of different crimes, on issues of international humanitarian law.

Gediminas Buciunas, Vytautas Magnus University and Academy of Public security at Mykolas Romeris University - Kaunas, Lithuania

Graduated Law faculty of Vilnius university. Defended PhD thesis on “Covert surveillance - searching for the appropriate balance between the right of the society to be secure and a person’s right to privacy” in 2014 at Vytautas Magnus University and MykolasRomeris University. Over 29 years of experience in combatting trans-border crimes, organized crime, and corruption, acting prosecutor in the Republic of Lithuania. Part time Assist. Prof. at Law faculty of Vytautas Magnus university and Assoc. Prof. at Academy of Public Security of Mykolas Romeris University. Over 7 years of professional experience in the multicultural and multinational environment in the EU Missions in Afghanistan and Ukraine, in the OSCE election observation missions in third countries (Belarus, Kyrgyzstan). Participation at Erazmus+ programme for professors and universities' staff. Under this programme had been given lectures (parts of modules) at: Barcelona, Ankara, NicolausCopernicus (Poland) Liegehigh school and other universities/academies abroad. Participation as expert at EU TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE INFORMATION EXCHANGE PROGRAMME 2016-2020 lecturer at „European Joint Master in Strategic Border Management’ (FRONTEX). Author, co-author more than 50 scientific articles, handbooks on: criminal procedure, criminal law, organized crime, terrorism, police reforms, domestic violence, international security issues. Research interests: pretrial investigation stage, diplomatic law, methodology investigation crimes, terrorism, organized crimes, domestic violence, international relations and security.