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Rossen Koroutchev
Kalin Peev


In this paper, we analyzed the current refugee crisis in Europe by discussing its main characteristics within the European context. A comparison between the different routes in Western, Central, and Eastern Mediterranean, the Western Balkans, and in general in South-Eastern Europe was done. As the main research problem, we focused on Bulgaria as an entry gate for the arriving immigrants and we presented the most recent statistics related to the illegal entries in the country. Among our objectives was the analysis of the current problems at the reception centers in the South-Eastern part of Bulgaria. An important part of our methodology consisted of direct interviews performed with the local and immigrant population at the center of Harmanli. The key results of our analysis showed that despite the attempts on the part of the officials for successful integration of the immigrants, there were still important needs for improvement. In conclusion, we suggested that the use of good practices from other countries with experience in migration policies might contribute to better integration and improvement of the mutual respect between local and migrant populations.


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Koroutchev, R. ., & Peev, K. . (2022). THE CURRENT MIGRANT AND REFUGEE CRISIS IN EUROPE: REFUGEE RECEPTION CENTERS IN SOUTH-EAST BULGARIA. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 8(1), 67-80.
Author Biographies

Rossen Koroutchev, Group of Mediterranean Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain

Rossen Koroutchev is a Master's fellow of Geography (2008) and International Relations (2010) from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, where later in 2014 he defended his PhD thesis about the European return and circular migration. He is currently a research associate scientist at the Group of Mediterranean Studies at the same University and a lecturer at the Fatima Al-Fihri Open University. His research is focused on Migration, Borders, and Development issues.

Kalin Peev, Social Hub - Sofia, Bulgaria

Kalin Peev is an expert in Social Work (2012) from Zuyd Hogeschool, Netherlands. He has an extensive experience with different social groups and their evolution. Among his interests is the analysis of integration and adaptation of the immigrants and the foreigners to the social and economic peculiarities in different European countries.