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Bashkim Rrahmani
Petrit Bushi
Flamur Gashi


The EU-facilitated dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, from its inception until today, has not realized the anticipated expectations and specified goals. Despite more than a decade of diverse engagement approaches by the involved parties, the situation remained precarious. The disputing parties persisted in their respective demands. Conversely, the facilitator/mediator primarily adhered to abstractly proclaimed declarations concerning integration perspectives rather than formulating instruments, measures, and strategies that could be imperative for a final settlement. The Russian aggression in Ukraine further complicated the dialogue, elevating the significance of geopolitics in the process. This paper aims to offer insights into the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, emphasizing key factors and circumstances crucial for stability and the EU integration of the Balkans. The Franco-German proposal, recognized as an official EU document, holds particular importance. To achieve the paper’s objectives, the authors employed the methods of legal analysis, teleological analysis, description analysis, logical analysis, and comparative analysis.


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Rrahmani, Bashkim, Petrit Bushi, and Flamur Gashi. 2023. “KOSOVO-SERBIA DIALOGUE: FROM BRUSSELS TO OHRID”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 9 (3):401-17. https://doi.org/10.47305/JLIA2393476r.
Author Biographies

Bashkim Rrahmani, AAB College, Kosovo

Bashkim Rrahmani is an expert and Associate Professor at the “AAB College” – Faculty of Public Administration and the Faculty of Law. He graduated from Law at the Prishtina University, finished post-graduate studies at the London Metropolitan University, and gained a doctoral degree at the European University, profile: International Public Law. The publication list contains papers, chapters, and monographs emphasizing International Law and the EU Law and their role in the modern world; constitutional protection of human rights and international human rights, especially minority rights; EU integrations; Constitutional control, Public Administration, etc.

Petrit Bushi, AAB College, Kosovo

Prof.Ass.Dr. Petrit BUSHI is an expert and the Assistant Professor at the AAB College – Faculty of Public Administration. He has graduated Law and Economics at the University of Tirana whereas he got the PhD at the European University of Tirana in the field of Public Law, defending his dissertation “Financial investigation and confiscation of products gained from criminal acts”. He is the author of various papers and took parts in many international and domestic scientific conferences. For many years has been serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration, position which is still being held. He lectures Introduction of Law, Financial Law and Preparatory seminars for master diplomas.

Flamur Gashi, AAB College, Kosovo

Flamur Gashi, PhD (c) is expert in the field of diplomacy and a lecturer at the AAB College. He has served as the Advisor of Regional Affairs for two Presidents of Albania: Mr. Bujar Nishani and Mr.Ilir Meta. In 2010 he was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Albania in Bosnia and Hercegovina. He was awarded various honors and recognitions and he has published numerous university texts and different scientific articles in the local and international journals and newspapers. For many years has been giving lectures in many fields in the Faculty of Public Administration (AAB College) in some universities in the region.