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Ferdinant Xhaferaj
Gentjan Skara


This paper aims to analyze the Europeanization of Albanian public administration in light of opening negotiations. The main research question is whether and to what extent Albanian public administration can approximate domestic legislation and ensure effective implementation. The core methodology in this paper is the traditional legal doctrine, which is based on analyses and interpretations of the EU acquis and Albanian legislation with a specific focus on reforming public administration. A reference to secondary sources in the Europeanization of public administration enriches the study. The paper argues that Albania has improved the legal framework for public administration in compliance with the EU acquis. However, it fails to ensure the proper implementation due to the following challenges: i) politicized bureaucracy, ii) the lack of capacity, iii) lack of public consultation with stakeholders, and iv) the inability to put in sound planning mechanisms and to carry out a realistic assessment. The paper concludes that Albania must establish a professional public administration with sufficient knowledge of EU acquis and adequately qualified staff to harmonize the domestic legal system and ensure proper implementation. 


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Xhaferaj, Ferdinant, and Gentjan Skara. 2023. “ALBANIAN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN THE LIGHT OF OPENING ACCESSION NEGOTIATIONS: CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 9 (3):356-70.
Author Biographies

Ferdinant Xhaferaj, University College Bedër - Tirana, Albania

Dr. Ferdinand Xhaferaj holds a BA from the University of Tirana, a double Master's (with distinction) in International Security and National Security issues from the Naval Postgraduate School, USA; and a PhD from the Defense Academy of Albania. Dr. Xhaferaj was been elected as a Member of Parliament by the Albanian Democratic Party in the Parliament of Albania for 4 legislatures and has held several positions as a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Laws (1996-2001) and Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration (2005-2009) or Deputy Chairman of the Security Commission (2021-2025). Dr. Xhaferaj has participated in many national and international conferences. In 2009, He published a monography titled “Debalkanism of the Balkans”. His areas of interest are political science, international relations, national and international security, and EU integration.

Gentjan Skara, Epoka University - Tirana, Albania

Dr. Gentjan Skara hods an LLB from the University of Tirana (Albania); a MA in ‘European Studies’ from Epoka University (Albania); an LLM for “South East European Law and European Integration” from the University of Graz; PhD in EU Law and National Legal System program' from the University of Ferrara. Has been a visiting researcher at the Institute of Corporate and International Commercial Law, University of Graz (Austria), and at the Department of International Law, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). From October 2012 until 31 July 2023, Genti has been a full-time member of the Department of Law at “Beder” University College teaching International and EU law courses. As of 1 August 2023, Genti is afull-time lecturer of EU Law and competition law courses at Epoka University.