Special Issues

Special Issues are an important component of Journal of Liberty and International Affairs. They deal with more focused topics with high current interest falling within the scope of the journal.

Potential Guest Editor(s) should submit a proposal to the journal, containing the following:

  • A suggested title for the Special Issue (max. 15 words);
  • Name, affiliation, short bio, and email of the Guest Editor(s);
  • Proposed summary, aims and scope, giving an overview of the Special Issue’s intended focus and a list of the topics to be covered;
  • A long abstract (1800 words) of the introductory essay;
  • A draft of the Call for Papers that will solicit submissions for the Special Issue;
  • Expected date of submission of the complete set of papers to the journal.

Special Issue proposals are welcome at any time during the year and should be submitted to: contact@e-jlia.com with “Special Issue proposal” in the subject line.