The Institute for Research and European Studies is a think-tank founded by enthusiastic young scholars and researchers, based in Bitola, also known as "The City of Consuls". As a think-tank, IRES is determined to achieve applied, policy-oriented research, to enable various models of informal education, and to promote discussion on the most pressing and contemporary political, legal, security and economic issues regarding liberty, European and International Affairs. The fields of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research of IRES include EU politics and law; European federalism; Competitive federalism; Regional cooperation and integration; Transatlantic relations; International affairs; Rights of freedom and property; Individual liberty; Free market and other related fields. IRES has published the books: "Why Liberty" (translation from original in Macedonian language) (ISBN 978-608-65840-0-9), and "Dictionary of Legal Terms" (ISBN 978-608-65840-1-6). The Institute for Research and European Studies is member of the Economic Freedom Network and co-publisher of Economic Freedom of the World, member of The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), member of TACSO and partner with Global Virtual Conference (GV-conf). Also, IRES has endorsed the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct.

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